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Port St. Lucie police: Man stole 2,500 lbs of rebar, 38 scaffolding frames from business

April 8, 2014

Police are crediting an online service that tracks the scrap metal business in helping them find a man they believe stole more than 2,500 pounds of rebar and 38 scaffolding frames worth more than $7,000 from a Port St. Lucie business last month.

The materials were stolen from Certified Building Contractors at 747 SW South Macedo Blvd. from March 7 to March 11. Police allege Edward Thomas Termini, 25, of Port St. Lucie is the thief.

An employee at the contracting business recalled seeing a silver Nissan pickup truck leaving the company's parking lot with scaffolding in the truck bed on March 10.

"Through the LeadsOnline Metal Theft Investigations System (MTIS), I learned that a subject by the name of Edward Termini, who drives a silver Nissan truck, scrapped a large amount of rebar and metal. I wouldn't have had the suspect's name or any of the physical evidence without LeadsOnline," Det. Richard Giaccone of Port St. Lucie Police Department said in a written statement announcing the arrest Tuesday.

The system appears to have recorded five transactions involving a significant amount of rebar and scaffolding frames that fit the reported theft. The detective said the photos showed Termini scrapping the scaffolding in question at 2nd Chance Salvage in Fort Pierce.

When authorities interviewed Termini, he said he had found rebar in a garbage bin at the Certified Building Contractors address, but denied taking any scaffolding or anything else, according to Termini's arrest report.

But Giaccone wrote in the arrest report that once Termini was shown photographs of the five separate truck loads, "he admitted it was possible he got items from the business on 5 different occasions."

Termini was arrested March 13 and was released on bond March 16. On March 17, records indicate Termini was arrested by Fort Pierce Police facing new charges of shoplifting.

Scrap metal businesses are required to keep records of their transactions. Those records are sometimes submitted on paper to the responsible agency. But in three states and jurisdictions in 36 others, those records are uploaded to Dallas-based LeadsOnline so they can be instantly searchable, said company spokeswoman Lindsay Williams.

The electronically filed information can allow police to search transactions that happen in other towns or states. The search is no longer limited to how far the officer can drive, Williams said.


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