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Software to help in stopping farm thefts

April 23, 2014

Sheriff Kelvin Williams and Warden Ora Starks presented several orders and requests to the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors Monday.

"We are trying to move forward with getting a new computer software program for the sheriff's department called Leadsonline. I attended a conference in Memphis with Attorney General Mike Moore and at this conference I was introduced to this program. I learned how it works and how it will be beneficial to the sheriff's department," said Williams.

"This program will help us to address the issue of individuals stealing farming or outdoor equipment. We have found out that individuals have been stealing those items and in some cases have been taking it across state line," he added.

Williams said his department does not have the equipment to keep track of farm equipment theft but Leadsonline can definitely assist in their efforts.

"There is a computer system that some police and sheriff departments have been using to combat this ongoing situation. What happens is individuals who may know some information about the missing items will be able to post what they know and possibly pictures of individuals who may be guilty of stealing these items," he added.

"It will increase our ability to investigate and it also increases our ability to communicate on a national basis with the sheriff department and the police department. We should have been had this program. I have attended several trainings for this but we have not gotten it yet," continued Williams.

The annual cost for the software is $2,238 and according to Williams, the program will pay for itself.

"We would like for the county to move forward with helping us to purchase this program," he said.

McBride made a motion to table this request until the first board meeting in May.

Williams also presented an order to authorize chief deputies to attend a Deputy Sheriff's Conference during the month of July.

Warden Starks presented an order to pay an invoice from Landers Dodge and an order to rescind reimbursement.

"The invoice that was submitted to Landers Dodge for the cars that we purchased had a price discrepancy. We presented an invoice and we then we realized the invoice was not for what the company originally stated for the cost," said Sheriff Williams.

"The check was cut but it was not for the full amount of what the company had originally charged. It was short $2,600," he added.

This item was also tabled until the next board meeting.


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