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Woman arrested for stealing merchandise, returning for gift cards

By Ali Hammond

February 2, 2014

A woman is accused of engaging in organized crime after she was stopped with her 3-year-old child in a Louisville store.

According to an arrest report, Danielle Mauk was stopped by Home Depot loss prevention Thursday. When they searched her purse they found $265.65 of merchandise.

Louisville Metro police said Mauk and four other people were involved in a scheme where they would steal merchandise, return the items to the store in exchange for gift cards, and then sell the cards for cash.

The five individuals have apparently sold over 100 cards and the value of those cards far exceeds $15,000. Mauk admitted to using two other identities to make the fraudulent returns as well as to sell the gift cards.

Mauk also had a Staples gift card with her which she admitted to getting earlier that day.

Mauk is being charged with engaging in organized crime, theft by unlawful taking, theft of identity of another without consent and shoplifting.

Officers said the cash was used to support heroin addictions.


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