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Real Time Crime System

Let Your Cases Run Themselves

Cases are solved before they're assigned to an investigator. Cold cases are solved after the file is put away. Hits are sent to the person or unit responsible for the case. CID has never seen a force multiplier like this.

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Solve Crimes

LeadsOnline, the nation's largest online investigation system, provides access to transactions from thousands of reporting businesses. Our system is proven to work.

LeadsOnline MTIS

LeadsOnline MTIS

Stop Metal Theft

Law enforcement investigators are constantly being inundated with reports of metal theft. LeadsOnline MTIS (Metal Theft Investigation System) assists them in identifying those responsible for those crimes.

Statement Analyzer

Statement Analyzer

Detect Deception

Statement Analyzer flags suspicious keywords and phrases found in suspect and witness statements. This tool, included with LeadsOnline, was created by Statement Analysis expert Mark McClish.

eBay First Responder

eBay First Responder

Search eBay Listings

Our partnership with eBay makes it possible for law enforcement to locate potentially stolen merchandise listed on eBay. This can be used as a standalone service without any other LeadsOnline services.



Search OfferUp Listings

OfferUp is committed to assisting law enforcement and therefore has partnered with LeadsOnline. Through this tool, investigators may access OfferUp records at no cost to aid in their investigations.

LeadsOnline Sketches


Get Real Forensic Sketches

LeadsOnline Sketches makes it possible for any agency, anywhere, to have access to an experienced forensic artist. In most cases, investigators can have a sketch in their hands within hours.

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Secure Personal Property Records

ReportIt is a system for maintaining secure records of your personal property, such as serial numbers, descriptions, and photos, which make them easier to identity in the event of a theft or loss.

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