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Accuracy of Statement Analysis®

By Statement Analysis expert, Mark McClish.

There are several reasons why the Statement Analysis techniques are the most accurate way of detecting deception. When you use nonverbal communication techniques to detect lies you have to "read" or "interpret" someone's body language. Of course when you interpret, you always run the risk of misinterpreting. When using the Statement Analysis techniques we never interpret. This is because people mean exactly what they say. In addition, you cannot read someone's mind. With Statement Analysis we do not infer, but we point out what the person has said.

Take for example O.J. Simpson's so called suicide letter. After Simpson failed to turn himself into the police, a letter written by Simpson was found which read like a good-bye letter. The letter starts out saying,

"First everyone understand, I had nothing to do with Nicole's murder."

That is how you heard it read on television. That is how you saw it printed in the newspapers and magazines. The problem is that is not what Simpson wrote. In his letter, he crossed out the words "I had." His letter actually reads, "First everyone understand, I had nothing to do with Nicole's murder." Simpson took himself out of the denial. He could not bring himself to say, "I had nothing to do with Nicole's murder." So, why do most people include the words "I had" when reading Simpson's letter? Most likely because they are interpreting what Simpson wrote. They believe this is what he meant. However, people mean exactly what they say or write. Simpson meant to cross out those words. He could not state that he did not murder Nicole.

Another reason the Statement Analysis techniques are very accurate is because they are based on the English language. This includes word definitions and the rules of grammar.

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About Statement Analysis

A person cannot give a lengthy, deceptive statement without revealing it's a lie because people's words will betray them. There are several ways to phrase a statement, and people will always word their statement based on all their knowledge. The key is to listen to what people are telling you – this is Statement Analysis. Learn more.

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